Top Job Interview Tips

Here are a few pointers that can help make a difference at a job interview.
There is an old real estate adage that the most important three elements in buying a property are location, location and location. Similarly for interview success you should regard the three most important elements as preparation, preparation and preparation. Of course you should perform well on the day - be enthusiastic, friendly and all the other good things - but the content should have been mostly figured out up front.

The interview is not the place to start thinking about what you want to say to the interviewer. You mustn’t learn a script or it will sound phoney. But you would be wise to decide how you are going to handle some of the commonly-asked job interview questions. You want as few surprises as possible.

You should also find out about the organisation and what is of current concern to them. This will help you enormously in being seen as relevant.

Visualise yourself doing well
This is a technique adopted by many of the world's most successful people, particularly top sports men and women. In advance of the interview, sit in a quiet place and mentally rehearse the interview scene. Literally see yourself as you would like to be, calm and confident and in control of the situation. 
Your brain can not tell the difference between an imagined scene and reality. So by visualising beforehand you will find that the interview itself will feel easier, like most things in life practice makes perfect! 

You must go with a winning attitude.
If you aren't convinced you would be a good choice, it will probably show, even though you never say anything about it. Confidence - or lack of it - does leak out. But keep in mind that we are recommending being confident, not being arrogant.
When you are feeling confident you automatically look confident and act confidently, your brain sorts out that physiology for you. The good news is that this works in reverse. Act confident and you will start to feel confident, many performers (actors and singers etc) adopt this technique. Give it a try, how would your posture be? How would you walk? How would you talk and breathe? If you rehearse this you may well surprise yourself, even if you still feel nervous you will come across better regardless.
Go to the interview expecting to do well, and keep in mind you are also going to assess them - after all work is will be a big part of your life and you want to enjoy it.

Before you go to the interview, make a list of everything that you have going for you in relation to this job, and generally. Don't think about whatever you might be missing, just focus on what you have that is an asset. Just doing this can make you much more positive.
Take relevant paperwork with you such as a spare copy of your Resume. Yes I know you already sent it, but they may not have it to hand. 
Try to get in the frame of mind where you are going to enjoy the meeting. It's not meant to be an ordeal, it's meant to be a fact-finding business meeting. If you go ready to enjoy it, chances are you will appear more at ease, and more friendly. 
First impressions are vital
You only have a very short time before your interviewer(s) forms their first impression. It is probably less than a minute, and you dont get a second chance to make a good first impression! 

This means that you have to get the basics exactly right. You must smile, make good eye contact, and give a firm handshake. You should look an energetic enthusiastic person, not someone who wishes they could be somewhere else.

Write a thank-you letter
As not many people bother, this can make you stand out from the others who were interviewed. It should be brief and say how you enjoyed the meeting and are keen on the position. You also have the chance to mention one sales point (but only one) if it didn't get dealt with at the interview.
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