Sending Resumes by email - How To and Secret

These days your Resume and all your job correspondence are much more likely to be electronic. This means you need to be aware of some important items that you need to get right.

The blessing of email is that it is cheap and almost instant. This is also its curse. The people you will be sending your Resume to, will have a mountain of email every day. We all do. So make their life as easy as you can and you will increase your chances.

You need your name and "Resume" plus date, as its document title, as in:
"My Name Resume 112504.doc." 

Don't use something that is meaningful only to you. The recruiter would have to open the document and Save with a new title prior to sending to the client, the boss, filing it etc. This is a chore and they may not want to bother if they have other Resumes correctly titled.
Many employers put Resumes directly into searchable databases. This means they need an unformatted version rather than, for example, a Word document. 

Top Job Interview Tips

Here are a few pointers that can help make a difference at a job interview.
PreparationThere is an old real estate adage that the most important three elements in buying a property are location, location and location. Similarly for interview success you should regard the three most important elements as preparation, preparation and preparation. Of course you should perform well on the day - be enthusiastic, friendly and all the other good things - but the content should have been mostly figured out up front.
The interview is not the place to start thinking about what you want to say to the interviewer. You mustn’t learn a script or it will sound phoney. But you would be wise to decide how you are going to handle some of the commonly-asked job interview questions. You want as few surprises as possible.
You should also find out about the organisation and what is of current concern to them. This will help you enormously in being seen as relevant.
Visualise yourself doing wellThi…

Networking - How to find unadvertised jobs

Networking, or Informational Interviewing is one of the most valued strategies in gathering information and establishing contacts. It can enable you to:
Gain a firsthand impression of a particular employer or industry.Get practical ideas and insider advice about how to enter that field. Get contacts with other people in your area of interest.Develop and maintain friendly relationships with your contacts.Enlarge the list of people who can alert you to job opportunities. "Networking" entered everyday business language in the mid 1990's, and acquired a degree of mystique that it didn't deserve. It is widely recognised now as an essential in business life and in progressing a career.

To see how people understand the importance of networking, notice how many dedicated groups and networking clubs that have sprung up. Time and again the individuals who we work with, find their next position through networking.
In this article we take away that mystique and expla…

Pay Negotiation - How to do it safely

Power is one of those subjective forces that is best understood and harnessed to your advantage. Many are under the mistaken impression that the employer has the power. Their reasons include the fact that the employer is the one paying the salary, the employer has the choice of other candidates, the employer has already decided the salary grades and bands, the manager has seniority or position power etc. Yes these are all sources of power, and yes they all demand adequate respect and research. You only really need pay attention to one source of power. This source of power stands taller than all others stacked up. I’m talking about the power of having another job offer. Just because you have found your ‘perfect job’ doesn’t mean you should stop interviewing. Similar to romantic partners, nothing makes you more attractive to a prospective employer than having offers from the competition. You may even discover that the job you thought was so perfect isn’t so perfect after …

How To Writing a great Resume

A good Resume is key to success in landing that next job. It has to be convincing and show your experience and abilities in the best possible light.
Here are some golden rules and some top tips to help you get your Resume in good shape.
It may be a while since you updated yours, or you may not have one at all. Some people have a Resume in the style required by their current employer, which may do a good job for internal job applications, but be unsuitable for jobs outside. 
Keep in mind that when your Resume arrives in the inbox of whoever has to read it, that these factors are at work:
If you are responding to an advertisement, the person receiving it will have dozens, maybe hundreds, of Resumes from other people
to read also.
Most of these others will be rather similar to yours. Sounds obvious, but if it is a finance ad, it is going to pull in finance Resumes.
Therefore it is important for you to find a way for yours to stand
out from the crowd. But not by use of…